Monday, May 30, 2011

Walgreens vs Target Pharmacy

I had been refilling my drugs at both Target and Walgreens. I kind of like the Target store design as it is more efficient and well maintained. Walgreens seems to be a little lacking in decor and more spartan looking though I guess it depends on which store you go to. However, one thing going for Walgreens is that it has a prescription savings club which I think helps save a lot of money for someone. Their generics are prices at $12 for a 90 day supply which saves a lot of money considering the price of branded non-generic drugs. They already have more than 2 million customers and you can save on more than 8000 brand name and generic drugs and medications.

Then I walked into Target and found that it also offer generics for $4 or $10 depending on the generics. Got myself an anti-biotic for $4 and I was expecting to pay more than $20 for it. In any case, I think Target offers a better overall shopping experience and pharmacy experience as it has a larger selection of items to shop when you are waiting for your prescription to be filled. Prices are relatively the same with both offering some generics program.

Source: Walgreens , Target , TellWag Review